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Cold shower Challenge

Day 1 Let’s start a challenge! For everyone that is curious about the benefits of cold exposure start practising now! 7 days x 30 seconds cold shower. In the morning when you are taking a warm shower as usual, I challenge you to end the shower with 30 seconds of cold! If it is a too big of a shift to go from warm to cold, you can also do it in 2 or 3 steps and gradually adjust to colder water. This week I will be posting about all the benefits, but I am sure that you will directly experience feeling energised and tingly. (Warning: that good feeling is addictive)

Day 2 MOTIVATION Brrrrrr how was your first cold shower? Was it difficult or easy? Did you feel all tingly afterwards? To help you stay motivated, here are some amazing benefits of taking cold showers regularly: ✅ Better focus ✅ Improves mood (stimulates anti-depressants hormones) ✅ Gives an extra dose of energy ✅ Strengthens your immune system by increasing white blood cel count ✅ Accelerate your metabolism ✅ Tightens the skin ✅ Better mind-body connection ✅ Speed up healing ✅ Better sleep I started with cold exposure training 5 years ago. After I got hit by a car and had to recover at home for 4 months. At that time I felt weak and unhappy. I lost the connection with my intuition, the part where you feel into your body and can read the signals of when something is right for you and when it isn’t. Training with the cold, deep breathing techniques and meditation helped me boost my mood and made me feel so powerful! And it helped me connect to my intuitive power and to listen to the signals of my body. And all the other amazing benefits help me to stay motivated.

Day 3 SERENITY To find peace and calmness in yourself is a great good in times when you feel stressed, have too many deadlines or too many things on your mind. The cold will bring you in the here and now. It is a strong force that is withstand best if you focus on the now, on your breath and your body. Mindfulness to the max! Can you do with a little more inner peace, focus and mindfulness, the cold is a way to bring you there.

Day 4 GO INWARD The trick of enduring the cold is to focus on your breath. Good chance that your first reaction entering the cold water is intense and fast breathing. This is what you need to do: 1. Focus on your breath to relax and come to ease. 2. Go inward, focus on your body and feel the warmth of your body, even with the cold resistance from the shower. This is a good exercise if you are experiencing resistance in your life, may it be from your boss, a bossy colleague, a noisy neighbour. Whatever in your life is throwing resistance at you, see the cold shower as a resistance outside yourself that you notice, but that can not influence your warm body. If you practice this in the shower every morning, you will be able to be less affected by resistance in daily life.

Day 5 ENVISION I have a confession to make. Sometimes I don’t take a cold shower, sometimes I don’t meditate or don’t do all the routines that are good for me. Sometimes you fall a bit behind on your resolutions. Key is to pick it up again and be kind to yourself. And that is sometimes a struggle for me. Three months ago I started an amazing daily yoga challenge (Yoga with Adrienne, check her out!) But when my schedule got busy I just quit yoga. I felt bad about it, cause I know it is good for me. Yesterday I did a yoga routine the first thing in the morning. And it felt so goood! So I am climbing back on that yoga-horse again. And at the same time practice kindness when I fall off the wagon and trust myself that if something is good for me, that I will find a time and place again to put the routine back in place. What helps for me is to envision how I want to feel in the future and find routines, habits and good food that supports that vision. . The cold helped me a lot, to improve my mood, deal better with cold conditions and have a better focus. I want more of that in my life! 💛😄 And sometimes you don’t feel like it, sometimes you quit for a day, a week, a month (this is starting to sound like the Friends-tune) or even a year. But you can always go back to it. You only need a shower and your body. And envision why you want to have cold showers as a routine. Look back at day two for all those good benefits if training with the cold, and maybe you already have a few of your own personal benefits why you want to keep on going!

Day 6 FEMININE POWER Enduring the cold can look tough. And at first glance it may look like it is depending on masculine energy, strength and courage. But on strength and courage alone you won’t get far in the cold. If I try to fight through it, it makes the experience so hard. I also need to allow my body to melt into its softness, relax and give in. And those are more feminine qualities. I don’t mean that only females own these qualities. It is more a way of looking at categorising different attributes. Every person has masculine and feminine traits inside them. I mostly wear my black bathing suits in the pictures, but I also have a pink bikini. A few people that I showed the pictures told me NOT to post the pink bikini pictures. Because they were too girly, too sexy, too soft, not strong, not representable. I am tired of feeling like femininity is less than, is weak, is not representable, is not strong. I love to melt into my softness to be nurturing, receptive, creative, compassionate, intuitive, wear dresses and pink bikini’s. And I also love to swim in ice water, walk over fire, hit through bricks and wooden panels with my bare hands, be assertive, build my own company and make my voice be heard. I am all of that. Both masculine and feminine energies have their own beautiful powers. And I try to balance them inside myself, use both to stand in my power.

Day 7 LOVE YOURSELF You are already whole, you don’t need anything or anyone to complete you, you don’t need to grow more, be better, be more, be less, you are enough. Melt into your softness, be kind to yourself. And being kind to yourself can differ from day to day. One day it is kind to yourself to skip that cold shower or skip going to the gym, but just be a couch potato and rest. Other days it is the kind thing to do to get your ass of that couch and get moving, cause you know how good and energised you will feel after that cold shower or workout. If you find it hard to be kind and loving to yourself. Ask yourself the question ‘What would someone who loves themselves do?’ Be still for a while with that question. You know the answer. You know when you are procrastinating and being lazy, and you know when you are running and running and just need to take a break. And allow yourself to take that break! It is soo difficult in these times where we have so high standards ourselves, to just allow yourself to relax. You don’t need to be anything more or better, you are enough.

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