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Feminine Power

Bijgewerkt: 4 apr 2020

Enduring the cold can look tough. And at first glance it may look like it is depending on masculine energy, strength and courage. But on strength and courage alone you won’t get far in the cold. If I try to fight through it, it makes the experience so hard. I also need to allow my body to melt into its softness, relax and give in. And those are more feminine qualities.

I don’t mean that only females own these qualities. It is more a way of looking at categorising different attributes. Every person has masculine and feminine traits inside them. I mostly wear my black bathing suits in the pictures, but I also have a pink bikini. A few people that I showed the pictures told me NOT to post the pink bikini pictures. Because they were too girly, too sexy, too soft, not strong, not representable. I am tired of feeling like femininity is less than, is weak, is not representable, is not strong. I love to melt into my softness to be nurturing, receptive, creative, compassionate, intuitive, wear dresses and pink bikini’s. And I also love to swim in ice water, walk over fire, hit through bricks and wooden panels with my bare hands, be assertive, build my own company and make my voice be heard. I am all of that. Both masculine and feminine energies have their own beautiful powers. And I try to balance them inside myself, use both to stand in my power.

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